You and me are all one of those who dream to take the healthy life into trails. But then you have that little knowledge of trail-running in general and is bound to forget that path. But today i got you covered the all basic things you need to be on the trail.


A nice comfortable shoes usually is all you need to go on the trails. But if you are one of those who in a few weeks is ready to run the ultra-trail then wait “ Buy a good running shoe as it will let you run more after every other distance you cover!” To compliment the trail running and distance you chose you can go with shorts or pajama or even kurta or whatever you feel comfy in as long as it lets you to jump and stretch your legs:) Also you might need a camel bag to carry some water and foods.


You are all dressed up for the run but you don’t know the way it should be dealt with? All you need to know is that before you do anything physical always keep in mind that you are to relax and warm up your muscles to let the blood flow smoothly everywhere. You can do this by stretching your toe, fingers, some squats, pushups, a light jumping session etc. This exercises will make sure that you don’t have to face the injury and pain during the run.

Food you should take before a run

Carbohydrate- your energy food

It may sound like so much more but its not. This is simply your food before the run to have some nice and strong energy inside you to run stronger on the trail. Carbohydrates are given to you simply by eating Dal-bhat (lentils-rice), pasta, bread, banana, vegetables etc,. This food will ensure you of high energy in your body. It is suggested to have carbohydrate giving food the previous night before a run or at least 2 hours before a run for digestion process.


One thing that you should know is that you at every hour of running means loss of water from your body. So be sure to hydrate yourself properly at every period of time when you feel your mouth is dry.

On the trail

So you have all the essentials ready and on the trail with nature chirping you off with birds and swooshing leafs. But wait did you know this? Though you are filled with a good portion of carbohydrates you do need to carry a water bottle and some chocolates or nuts to satisfy your hunger while on the run as it uses a lot of your energy (its good- don’t worry). But do devour foods when possible on the trail though. One of the tricks to get less injury-prone is to run in your own pace and not overdoing the trail.

After the run

After you finish the run the first thing you should be doing is to check if you have any muscle strains. If yes see if you can get a help for it. And if not try massaging the strained muscles with help from internet. Also you are advised to drink a lot of water with salt and sugar. Electrolyte (jibanjal) is recommended for best results in bringing your muscles back to life. Also to keep in mind is the food that you intake. Food with protein is what you need to look for.

Protein- your recovery food

Protein rich food can be eaten on longer trail run but most eat it after the trail run is finished. The food containing high rich protein helps your body in rebuilding tissues or recover from from an exercises. Some common protein giving food are nut (badam), fish, eggs, beans etc. You will no longer have to deal with pain anymore after a run.


You are free as a bird as long as you know what you are going through. In this case its running and simply that is the easiest way of becoming active and mentally as well as physically fit. Knot your shoelace and see yourself on the trails with views surrounded.

Written by Samdup Gurung