Sponsor runners to help the running community and races grow

In each race, we sponsor 70 to 90 promising young Nepali runners who would otherwise be unable to pay the entry fees. They have potential, but they are also struggling. Many of them started with KTM Series and have now gone on bigger races in and out of Kathmandu valley. For instance- Salina, an 11-year-old from Sindupalchowk, regularly steals the 7K podium. The young boys and girls have gotten the exposure they deserve and thanks to the terrain they were born and raised in, they are as graceful as they are fast on the trails they run. Most of them come from far off villages or live in a children’s home, all of them come from less-than-privileged background.

Now to help them grow, we need your support. We are seeking to match the runners with potential sponsors for events by vonKTM Race, namely KTM Series, Blitz, Chaos and Fishtail Race. We can provide special discounts for sponsored runners on purchase of the Season Pass. Your support to these kids will go a long way in helping them be seasoned athletes, if they so choose.

Besides boosting confidence of our young runners, your sponsorship will go directly in procuring hardware, software and other assets we need to grow the race and take it a mile further. Timing system, tracking system, race database, Live broadcasting hardware and sound system are only a few to name, which would be used across all races we organize, around 25 in 2020. Your contribution will be vital in this regard.

If you would like to sponsor runners in our races, please feel free to shoot us an email or message us on WhatsApp.